Retail range could be perfect for seafood counters

I have talked in recent weeks about how cooking bags can be a fantastic way to add value to your seafood sales. There's also another way.... sell the bags.

Sirane offers a retail range called Thinking-Cooking which includes, among other things, Steam-Cooking Bags for Oven/Microwave in handy packs of 10, nylon Roasting Bags in packs of 3 or 10, and Oven/BBQ bags in packs of 3. We can, of course, adjust the pack sizes, these are just our standard offerings.

Thinking-Cooking presents retailers with another option, place a box on or next to the seafood counter, and allow your customers to purchase a pack with their seafood purchase. 

Steam-Cooking Bags are a great option here... they come with printed cooking instructions, you can even suggest a few recipes.... The BBQ/Oven bags are perfect for seafood as they are non-stick, and allow the customer to cook fish on the barbecue with a sauce, glaze or marinade, and it won't dry out.

Nylon is the best material on the market for roasting bags, and they offer a fantastic way to cook whole fish such as salmon, trout etc. Just throw in any additional ingredients/flavouring and cook... 

So if you're looking for that something that might give your seafood counter the edge, why not take a look at our Thinking-Cooking range...