Smart-Release could be your smart packaging solution

Seafood packaging using our smart-release technology

A few years ago Sirane developed a packaging solution called Smart-Release, which is ideal for packaging, shipping and selling ready-to-cook seafood. 

For various reasons, mainly to do with shelf-life and potential degradation, retailers might not want to put their fish and sauce in a pack and ship it into store.... they want to keep the two separate. Smart-Release is Sirane's answer to this conundrum.

Smart-Release is a microwaveable cooking bag with two or more compartments. The protein (in this case fish) and sauce is kept separate throughout the shipping and retail process, and when the customer cooks the fish we get the clever bit. Special seals open midway through the cooking process, with the  timing of the opening of the seal optimised for the perfect end result, allowing the contents of the two or more compartments to infuse together.

The results are outstanding. Fish cooked to perfection (as previously discussed on this blog, microwave steam cooking fish is a fantastic way to cook fish as not only is it tasty but it means the timings are exact) with the sauce added at the last minute at exactly the right time.

If you think Smart-Release could be the smart idea you've been looking for, why not get in touch.