Thinking seafood at the global expo in Brussels

Our Seafood Global Expo stand in Brussels

The Seafood Global Expo in Brussels is the world's biggest seafood show, and so Sirane was Thinking-Seafood and sharing its seafood packaging solutions. Seafood Global is a well-trodden path for Sirane - it has always been a busy show for us, and 2015 was no exception.

Our seafood packaging solutions are aimed at the whole supply chain - we have absorbent crate liners for the fish straight off the boat, right through to oven/microwave steam cooking bags for retailers looking to sell fish over the counter - so for 2015 our seafood campaign was 'From Sea to Plate'.

One of the biggest barriers to sale in the seafood industry is the public. Sounds crazy, but it is true. Many people, and I would include myself in this to some extent, would get to the fish counter in the supermarket, look at the fish, but just not have a clue what to do with it... and so buy something else. 

I love eating in seafood restaurants, but I can't cook fish like that? Or can I? And that's where our oven/microwave/bbq seafood packaging solutions come into their own. Retailers can offer a steam cooking bag that is printed with exact instructions. The fish is prepared, has a nice sauce or glaze, and will taste amazing. The retailer makes more money, they've sold a meal rather than a piece of fish. The customer - well they get stunning results so long as they follow the instructions.

This type of thinking is gathering a lot of momentum in the supermarket/grocery world. Retailers have realised that by investing a small amount of money in a packaging solution that works they can a) sell more fish and b) get more money for the fish they sell thus paying for the packaging.

Sounds too simple? Well it is as simple as that. If you want to sell more seafood, then give your customers a helping hand in cooking it...