A simple packaging solution with some stunning results...

SOMETIMES products can spend months in developments, others just sort of happen. Some fly off the proverbial shelves, others can be a bit of a slow burner. And I think it's fair to say that our Dri-Fresh Sea-Fresh Ice-Mat is a slow-burner that's gathering some momentum.

The Dri-Fresh Sea-Fresh Ice-Mat is aimed at the live seafood market. Shellfish, lobsters, crabs and the like. Live seafood can be transported vast distances, and the packaging challenge is simple, keeping the seafood alive and in the best possible condition for as long as possible. By doing so, the optimum price is achieved.

The Dri-Fresh Sea-Fresh Ice-Mat is a simple solution... but one that is very effective. The seafood is placed in a crate, the Ice-Mat is soaked in seawater and frozen, and then it is placed on top of the crate. During the transportation, the ice slowly melts - maintaining a supply of saltwater.

As a seafood packaging solution, it is fairly simple.... but very effective. We're hearing reports from customers using the mat that the 'survival' rate of their live seafood is much higher. In simple terms, more of the live seafood makes it to its end destination in a saleable condition. And it is all worth a higher price.

A small investment in packaging is rewarded by less seafood lost during transit and increased profits.