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Dri-Fresh® Sea-Fresh™ absorbent pads and mats for fish transportation

Dri-Fresh®  Sea-Fresh™

Dri-Fresh® Sea-Fresh Fresh-Hold absorbent liners release CO2 into packed fish crates, significantly extending the shelf-life of the seafood. The anti-bacterial properties of CO2 and the corresponding reduction in pH of the fresh fish slows down microbial growth and enzymic reactions - responsible for degradation - ensuring the product arrives at its destination in a much fresher condition.

In addition, Dri-Fresh® Sea-Fresh Fresh-Hold absorbent liners will quickly and effectively absorb the melting ice and juices released during fish transportation, further extending the shelf-life.

The liquid is absorbed and trapped inside the liner to prevent spillage and reduce odour. The transport crate remains cold, clean and dry to optimise the condition and appearance of the fish.

For whole fish, shelf-life can be increased by more than four days, and for fillets a shelf-life increase of up to seven additional days can be expected*.

Dri-Fresh®  Sea-Fresh™

  • Effective absorbency for clean, safe and efficient fish transportation
  • Enhances the appearance and optimises the value of fresh fish
  • Reduces odour and locks in the moisture to prevent spillage
  • Clean, easy and safe disposal
  • Available in custom sizes, absorbency levels and colours to meet all applications
  • Direct food contact approval by RAPRA

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